#tbt gigantic pom pom charms


[Editor’s note: #tbt posts feature stuff I made previous to 2019. They’re meant as art and craft inspiration, not FOMO that you can’t make things as quickly or as often as I do. Because let’s be honest — my project completion rate is… notsogood.]

As all renters know, there’s a melancholy transient feeling that’s hard to escape when you’re trying to “settle” into a new shelter. It doesn’t feel like home, but calling it “home” — or investing emotional and physical energy into making it a sanctuary — feels strange when you’re not sure how long you’ll be there.


Surely, these stacks of happiness must be good luck. Yep, let’s just go with that.

Whether you rent or own your space, these gigantic pom pom charms can help cheer things up. To make them, I followed this easy tutorial by the delightful Marisa Morrison of The Neon Tea Party. Marisa is an absolute force for good in the world, and it should surprise no one that I’ve closely followed her DIYs, advice, and happy Instagram feed since moving to California, a place that looks warm but, in many ways, still feels cold.

Embrace the floof.


You can buy OmegaCryl, the yarn used here, directly from Marisa’s shop, along with kits to learn how to make pom poms — basically, poufs of joy that are a good idea to make even if you have no idea what to do with them. (Marisa can help with that, too.)

This project, as with all others tagged Done in a Day on this site, takes only a few leisurely hours. Reducing the number of poms will save time; I’ve made shorter stacks to loop around gift wrap or as use bag charms.

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