#tbt chunky chevron friendship bracelet


[Editor’s note: #tbt posts feature stuff I made previous to 2019. They’re meant as art and craft inspiration, not FOMO that you can’t make things as quickly or as often as I do. Because FOMO helps no one.]

I am all about friendship bracelets, a travel-friendly craft discipline that satisfies my needs for creative expression and instant gratification. My short creative attention span has lately migrated to other things (pom poms, knitting small things with tiny yarn, making sweaters for my tissue boxes), but I still keep knotting cord on hand for those times when I don’t really have any grand ideas or vision but kinda just need to make something.

This bracelet started while I was camping and enjoying perfect beach days at Cape Henlopen last summer. I finished it when I got back to California, my first time returning there as “home” after a vacation, feeling disoriented and more than a little lonely.

A note about knotting cord: It’s plastic, which isn’t my favorite, but does result in a hardier product with an adjustable width for easy on-and-off. Good old embroidery floss is a great option, too, as is any durable yarn or twine you have lying around.

Friendship bracelets are fast, forgiving crafts that (obviously) make sweet gifts for family and friends, as well as self-gifts to shore up your friendship with yourself. Purl Soho has pattern inspo and sells kits and spare cord.

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