About this

Tired of hearing people say, “Oh, I’m not creative,” or — upon seeing something she had worked quite hard to learn how to make for a long time — “Oh, I could never do that,” Marissa decided to start documenting everyday creativity in her own busy life.

What this is: Finished creative products of all kinds: food, decor, floral arrangements, crafts, lettering, you name it. Imperfection. Credit where it’s due (No one is creative in a vacuum. Steal like an artist, as they say.).

What this isn’t: Fancy process photo shoots. Over-edited (or over-engineered) images. Hot takes. Anything that takes longer than 10 minutes to post.

Creative pursuits, no matter the result, are therapeutic (not just for Riss, but for us all). But it’s important to make time for art, and to not obsess over how “good” you are at it. Riss hopes these snapshots disprove the theory that you have to be a full-time artist or creative professional to “be creative” or find inspiration and release through creative expression — whatever that means to you.